Floral Stencil
Floral Stencil

Floral Stencil

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  • Each panel printed to order

Give yourself a new view with Motive Murals & Wallpaper.  

Our murals and wallpaper panels are printed on a low-tack, high quality peel and stick fabric material, that has a tightly woven look with a matte finish.  The murals are printed in vertical panels that you can easily apply yourself, and best of all they are totally removable!

Important things to know:

  • 26" repeat
  • Our murals and wallpaper must be applied to walls that have a SMOOTH surface. The material will not adhere well to textured surfaces.
  • The panels are easily removed – whether you want to take them down in a week or many years, all you do is gently peel off the wall!
  • Printed with premium Latex inks
  • Each kit contains your order, a complimentary squeegee application tool, instructions on how to install 
It is very important for our product to be installed on a dry, clean, smooth, flat painted surface. Adhesive products will not adhere to unpainted drywall.
HOW MUCH SHOULD I ORDER? Our panels are printed 25” wide.  We suggest taking the whole width of the wall in inches, dividing it by 25” to give you the number of panels needed.  Always round up! (i.e. if you get 5.1 panels, order 6 so you ensure full coverage of your wall). Our panels come in various heights, so order the closest match to the height of your wall, again rounding up.  If you have any questions about this, please shoot us an email or check out our FAQ page.

Installation is a Breeze...

Get Prepped!

Make sure you have all of your tools and enough wallpaper for your area. Wipe the wall with a damp cloth - the cleaner the wall, the better the adhesion! Let dry completely and get started!

Peel Back the Liner

Pull back 6-8" from across the top of the backing paper. Stick on the wall, making sure you have some extra along the top and left hand side, in case the wall isn't perfectly straight.

Go For It!

Apply panel by panel, smoothing bubbles and wrinkles as you go - gently peel it back if you need to.

See the full guide



I was surprised at how easily this went on the wall! Love the product and love that I didn't have to mess with wallpaper glue.

Toronto, ON

Fast shipping, lovely packaging and pretty easy to install. Love how easy it was to transform my powder room!

Kingston, ON

Now I can't help but look at every wall in my house and wonder what print I should choose next! Love this stuff.

Banff, AB

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