About Us

Motive Murals and Wallpaper has been a dream of mother-daughter founders Kathy Cartan and Holly Douglass for many years.  Working together is nothing new.  Kathy has operated her own large-format printing business for many years, and Holly has worked for her mom's business for most of her working life.  

Kathy and Holly have always appreciated the beauty potential of interior spaces.  Kathy has obsessively taken photos of beautiful walls wherever she goes.  Knowing that she had the equipment and creative eye to develop a wall covering line of her business, it was always a goal of hers.  With a busy company already established and seemingly full tilt, the timing was never quite right.  However, the slowdown as a result of COVID-19 gave Kathy and Holly the opportunity to really focus on this dream and work to make it a reality.  And with that, Motive Murals & Wallpaper was finally officially born!  

Kathy and Holly work hard to curate the designs and prints used on their wall coverings and are constantly adding more to the collection.  They are currently working on collaborations with local artists as well, so stay tuned for that!  In the meantime, have a look at what they currently offer, and if you have an idea for another design let them know, they love collabs. 

As usual, custom prints are always an option.

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