What makes Motive Murals and Wallpaper unique compared to other companies offering a similar product?

Most of the other companies that are producing peel-and-stick wallpaper are using a PVC based vinyl - which requires a 1/4" to 1/2" overlap between panels because PVC material shrinks over time.

We produce all of our peel-and-stick wallpaper on a polyester fabric self-adhesive material that can be seamed without an overlap, the way traditional wallpaper is installed.  Because our material doesn't shrink over time, the seams are virtually invisible and wil stay that way!

Also, the material has a beautiful texture as opposed to a plastic vinyl-like look that most peel-and-stick applications have.

Order a sample to see for yourself!

What type of surface will Motive Murals & Wallpaper adhere to?

Our material will stick best to smooth, painted walls.  If the wall is textured, it reduces the surface area that the fabric can adhere to, so it will not last as long or may not stick at all.  Therefore, we recommend only applying our product to smooth walls.  This material will NOT stick to raw/unpainted drywall.

Do you offer traditional wallpaper?

We will be soon (as well as a few other fun products)!  Stay tuned for new offerings!

How long will Motive Murals & Wallpaper last?

In our office, we have a mural that's been up for 5 years and counting.  The best part about Motive Murals & Wallpaper is it can be up for the short-term or long-term - and if you take care of it, the longer it can last.  Most murals and wallpaper will last for 3+ years (however, we do not offer a warranty on any of our products, since we can't control the application method).


Do I need to hire someone to install it?

You should be able to do it yourself.  We provide detailed instructions and a complimentary squeegee application tool with every order.  It’s meant to work for DIY’ers!  However, if you're not comfortable with hands-on, detailed work, we recommend hiring an installer (either a graphics or wallpaper installer).  We have a network of installers all over Canada (and some in the US) so if you need a recommendation, send us an email at info@motivemuralsandwallpaper.com and we'll do our best to help!

How do I know how many panels to buy?

Our panels are printed 25” wide.  We suggest taking the whole width of the wall in inches, dividing it by 25” to give you the number of panels needed.  Always round up! (i.e. if you get 5.1 panels, order 6 so you ensure full coverage of your wall - and use that offcut for another fun DIY project in your home!  As a drawer liner, arts and crafts project, wrapping paper, on the back of your phone - so many options!)  Our panels come in various heights, so order the closest match to the height of your wall, again rounding up.  If you have any questions about this, please shoot us an email here!

I am a renter – can I use Motive Murals & Wallpaper on the walls of my rented home?

Yes!  Motive Murals & Wallpaper are completely removable.  Please see the following question for further details.

Will the material pull off paint when I remove it from my wall?

This is always a possibility, especially with so many paint products on the market.  We suggest you go SLOW when removing.  Applying low heat (a hairdryer or heat gun works) always helps if it’s tricky, to reduce the chances of paint being pulled off during removal.  However, since paint products and painting methods vary greatly, we cannot guarantee that paint will not come off during the removal process.  

How do I remove Motive Murals & Wallpaper?

We suggest you go SLOW when removing and applying low heat (a hairdryer or heat gun works) if it feels difficult. Pull on a slight angle, slowly and steadily.

I have my own design that I’d like to have printed, do you do custom orders?

Absolutely!  We love custom orders.  Just reach out to us by email here and we’ll get you a free quote within 1-2 business days.

Can I return or exchange after I’ve purchased?

Unfortunately, since our wallpaper is printed to order, they are all final sale.  We recommend ensuring very carefully that you are ordering the correct size for your wall.  See our Return and Refund Policy page for further details.

What if my order arrives damaged?

We take great care in packaging our products, but in the unlikely event that an order arrives damaged, please advise us by email within 4 days of delivery and we will discuss options.  

How long will my order take to arrive?

Your order will be printed between 3 and 5 business days after receiving payment.  We will then package and ship via Canada Post.  We will provide your tracking number once shipped.  Delivery charges vary based on shipping location, and speed selected at checkout.  For further details, please visit our Shipping page.

Where are Motive Murals & Wallpaper produced?

They are produced on our own printers, in our own facility in Bolton, Ontario, Canada.

Do you have a question that hasn't been answered here?  Send us an email!

We'd love to hear from you at info@motivemuralsandwallpaper.com. 

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